The Dwarves

350 West Burnside Street, Portland, OR
Fri February 4, 2022
Doors: 8:00 pm / SHOW: 9:00 pm PST
Ages 21 and Up
Birthed in the garage rock revival of the 1980’s and weened in the punk and grunge scenes of the 1990’s, the Dwarves continue to entertain, shock and mystify audiences all over the world with groundbreaking records and chaotic live performances. Coming to prominence as one of Sub/Pop’s first signings the Dwarves reputation for onstage madness earned the respect of grunge era crowds and the shock and awe of their peers. Between 1983-1993 they played with many of the most popular bands of the era including the Cramps, Nirvana, Green Day, the Minutemen and the Offspring to name a few.

The relentless middle finger drive, catchy songwriting and deft production that set the Dwarves apart have never sounded better and with way over a thousand shows to their credit, there’s really only one punk band left that matters! Catch the Dwarves soon at a theater or nightclub near you… THE DWARVES ARE ROCK LEGENDS!
The Dwarves